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    my doctor visit. help please!!

    i just got back from the doctor and i wasnt honest with him about my cycle or anything, maybe i should have been, but anyway, he took blood and is going to check my cardiac enzymes. anyone know if AS affect these at all or not? or has anyone had this done while on a cycle? i am on test E and EQ. both 400mg/week. just would like some thoughts. thanks.

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    my thought is that you should find a doctor that you feel comfortable with. i mean no doctor should be like AS are fine, but that is a legal recourse issue. you should be able to talk to them about any issues you have.

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    if he took blood and is giving you a full blood workup...hes going to see your test levels above should get a doctor that you are comfortable with...its great to go to the doctor and get your test levels you know if your gear is working...and how well its working..or if you need to up the dose..etc..

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    Remember, though, if you tell your doc about AS use, ask him beforehand to keep it "off the chart". Insurance companies see your records, and they share information. It can make it difficult to get health insurance later.

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    Not to mention your medical history can be subponead (sp?). I wouldn't have gotten these functions checked while on, because I would not be surprised if they are off due to the fact that you are on.

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