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    need quick advice

    i've been doing deca (400 mg/wk) and cyp (250 mg/wk) for six weeks now and making really good gains. my problem is that i'm nearing the end now and my connection cannot get the clomid as promised !!! i know that i shouldn't have started until i had it and will never do so again in the future but that doesn't help me now. i need to know of any other alternatives to help me kick the "boys" back in if ya know what i mean..... would something like dhea, tribbulus, or something of that nature help the situation ???? i've exausted every lead looking for comid and am lost at this point. please reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well if your doing deca , you don't throw clomid in until three weeks after you last shot. Considering your on week six, you have plenty of time to find some clomid. Start looking!!

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