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    HCG or Clomimd??

    Which is better to use after a cycle to keep gains?

    I heard HCG was better, also i heard to take both after a cycle.

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    Well bro, imo it depends on the cycle and how long and at what doses ur running. If ur running a normal cycle (10 - 12 weeks) clomid is enough. But if ur running longer and higher dose cycle u may be better off with hcg . Also using hcg depends on how much the nutz have shrunk.


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    I wouldn't just use HCG post-cycle regardless, I'd definitely use Clomid over it, but using both depends on what your cycle consisted of.

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    HCG is good to bump your natural production in the middle of long cycles. It's good to do a little of it right before clomid therapy begins because the already awakened HTPA is more responsive. Clomid stimulates the release of LH and therefore testosterone and spermatogenesis increase. Clomid is considered by most to be the quintessential post-cycle suppliment. Use it.

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    What HCG does best is remedy testicular atrophy which inhibits recovery. It is best to use on long cycles and at the end of a cycle but with AAS still in your system. Then you can use clomid post cycle for return of HPTA function. It is not necessary for recovery on relatively short cycles since testicular atrophy is rarely a big or permanent problem.

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