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    Opinions on my cycle.

    Im starting my cycle soon Im 5'7 180 and about 7% bf. This is my cycle and was wondering what yalls opinions were about it.

    Equipose--500mg (week 1-12)

    D-bol- 25mg (week 1-4)

    Sustanon 250--500mg (week 1-9)

    Milk Thistle--1000 mg e.d. while on d-bol

    Nolvadex -- I wanted to take 20 mg e.d. to fight water retention

    Clomid therapy after.

    Do you think taking Nolvadex e.d. would really hider my gains?

    Feel free to give me your opinions I would love to get all the information I can.

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    I would use adex if you wanna keep the water down. That and stay away from salt

    Also run the sust to week 11 or the eq to week 10. That way the leave your system at the same time.

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    I would run the Sustanon the whole 12 weeks with the EQ and I wouldn't start taking the nolva usless you start getting side effects from the D-bol and the Sustanon...

    Other then that it looks good...

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    I wouldn't take the nolvadex until you observe side effects. It just isn't necessary otherwise and will only hinder gains to some extent. I like that you are running EQ for a long time, since it takes some time to show its effects. Remember that sust has long acting esters in it, and will take longer to leave your system than EQ. Also, clomid has some anti-estrogen benefits, and it is worth considering running it throughout your cycle; only use the nolva if you notice gyno symptoms. Otherwise the clomid should keep you reasonably in check. If water retention becomes a problem, try some anastrozole (arimidex , liquidex). You could always throw in some more sust. The gains you make from 1,000mg of test are much more than you make from 500mg of test, while the side effects only increase modestly. Also, it is difficult to critique this cycle because we are not sure exactly what you want to get out of it.


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    What do yall think about running Clomid all cycle? I cant get my hands on Arimidex or Liquidex, thats why I didnt say anything about it. But, should I stay on Sustonon and stop at the same time as EQ?

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    I took nolva 20mg ed in one of my cycles and it screwed my gains. I agree with the other guys dont use it unless you start getting symptoms and i think you'll be happy with the gains. Good luck bro

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