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    Exclamation One last shot before I start

    Hey bros,

    I've been on the board now for about 8 months, and have filled my mind with tons of great info. I don't post much cause I don't feel I know enough to post an honest answer. I need one last cycle critique before I start. 5'8" 175 14%BF 23yrs old

    wks 1-15 EQ 400mg
    wks 1-10 Sus 500mg
    wks 12-17 Winny 50mg ed
    clomid 3 days after winny 300, 100x10, 50x10

    I also have nolvadex . I think this is well thought out, I've been studying.
    So, what do you think? Again thanks for all the great info!

    Happy Thanksgiving

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    looks good to me, personally id go till week 14 with the sust and im a fan of a mid to near end of cycle shot of hcg in addition to clomid (whenever i go 15+ weeks). usally when i get off the heavy androgen (ie sust) id hit my self with some hcg.

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