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    Thumbs up Question about GH

    My friend here is curious if he could take GH without stacking it with other AAS. is it possible?
    and also, how safe is GH compared with other steroids ?

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    yes anything is possible. but it's like sticking your dick in a wood chipper, i wouldn't reccomend it. you need to take the growth with other gear. your friend won't see the gains he wants with out gear...Madmax...

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    Depends on his goals. If he wants to gain size then he needs AAS with it but if he is only looking for the fat burning and skin rejuvanation properties of HGH then he won't. This is very expensive however unless he has a prescription that is covered by insurance. Some will argue this point but I think HGH in moderate use runs roughly the same risk (although different sides) as moderate steroid use .

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