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    Do you include hcg/anti-e in your cycles.

    My question is do you use an anti-e during you cycle or do you only use them when you start to have problems? I know that some people have a better chance of getting gyno than others. I am on my second cycle and I have used Teslac in both. Can I quit taking Teslac and wait and see if I start to develop symptoms of gyno or do most of you run anti-e during you cycles?

    I have also been using HCG at the end of cycle with clomid. Can I quit using HCG and only use the clomid post cycle? My cycles have only been 10-12 weeks.

    Age 34
    Weight 200lb
    Height 5’10”
    BF% 14
    Only done 2 cycles.

    Last Cycle
    400mg Test Cyp week 1-10
    300mg Deca week 1-10
    50mg Winstrol eod week 8-12
    Teslac 50mg 2x ed week 4-10
    Clomid 50mg ed week 12-14
    HCG ½ cc ed for 10 days starting week 12

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    YOu can take 25mg of Nov every day throughout your cycle if you have the resources. Should keep some fat buildup down too. HCG is a good idea at the end of a cycle, but yes, you can use Clomid alone.

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