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    4 to 5 Week cycle

    I'm planning on doing a 4 to 5 week cycle here soon.It's all the time i have so that i don't mess up my spring cutting cycle in march.I'm planning on running a bombs for this short cycle but was wondering if anyone could suggest anything else i could run on such a short cycle?

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    Bro, why don't you just take a little time off and start off full force in the spring? The abombs will be good, but when you tax your liver with those, and then start up another might be asking for trouble. I know it's hard to hold off, but if you can I totally think it would be worth it. If you have to tho,

    Start at 50mg, and see if it does anything, you can increase it by 25mg up until 100 when you are satisfied with gains. Tons os thistle though. Good luck and make the right decision.

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    Don't waste your time with a 4 week cycle. It is a waste of cash and time. If you take a bombs and no test after it, you will shrink as fast as you gained...if not faster. Stick with a good diet and wait till spring to cut up.

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