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    FINA x WIN, help!!

    Hey all,
    1- Which they are the doses of a cycle of finaplix (trembolone) and winstrol (stanozolol ) ?
    2- Which the efficient doses of those two steroids ?
    3- That cycle is good for the definition of the musculos?
    4- As if applies fina? Has some difference regarding application of the winstrol, sustanon ? Must have some take peculiar care in the application of fina?

    I thank the answers.

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    bro cant realy understand u ,also look at the drug prifiles,and the use the sear h button !

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    For doses do 50mg of Winny a day or every other day and 75mg of Fina ed or every other day!

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    Both are short esters. Trenbolone Actetate and Winstrol suspension are everday shots.

    Dose depends on your cycle experience, body chemistry, age... I mean BRAH - you have to give more personal stats! And you're english (particularly question number 4) is difficult to decode

    Most begin with Tren 75mg/day and Winstrol 50mg/day. Stacking the two is very common to do while cutting bodyfat.

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