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    Question last couple weeks of cycle ?

    Just had a quick question I was hoping you guys could answer as I dont see how Id search this. Im finishing my 1st cycle that looked like this
    Dbol wks1-4.5 37.5mg(ed)
    Test Enanthate wks1-10 400mg(ew)
    Deca wks1-9 300mg(ew)
    I went from 190lbs to 229lbs, even after getting sick. But anyway what Im wondering is as you see, the Deca stops a week before the Test obviously because Deca takes 3weeks and Test takes 2weeks to leave the system so theyll run out at the same time. The 3weeks off Deca and the 2weeks off Test before I start my clomid, its still in my body so will I be able to continue to see strength and weight gains like Ive been seeing throughout the cycle or since its beginning to leave the body will I see a tapering effect in weight and strength? I guess I want to know more for a phsycological effect more than anything because if I dont think Im gonna see any gains these last weeks it will make me not as motivated but I'll deal with it. Thanks.

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    You'll see a tapering effect. It will still be working, but to a lesser degree.

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    start the clomid 1 week after last injection, of course first taper ur doses down in mg till done. Continue clomid bout 100mg daily split 4 about 2-3 weeks, add in tribex and dhea and up ur intensity in the gym to trigger ur natural test . BIG-G

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