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    impressed with qv eq200

    make a long story short, I posted alot about it. I dropped my test for many reasons, substituted eq for the test so now my cycle goes eq200/decca200 bout to run out of the decca so I think im gonna do a cutter with the eq(12 ccs of eq left). Anyways I started feeling the effects of the eq about two weeks after first shot, today I hit my lifetime goal of a 500 bench after doing 405x6 and 475x1 I posted mpegs on the powerlifting forum of the lifts. I can honestly say Im diggin the feeling of the eq and I have enough size 5'6 255 even after the bloating from the test went down. Now I want to cut down and I need you guys advice.

    Thx to all that have helped me

    ps Im stoked, I did 500 today

    dont know if its cool to post the mpegs here but what the hell
    Im stoked
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    dame, brother, I likes that...shhaaaat

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