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Thread: Sore chest

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    Sore chest

    I've been off cycle for 2 months and just lately getting this soreness in the left side of my chest. Could be gyno, I've had it before. It's more like a muscle pain though. I don't wanna take chances. I used nolva throughout the cycle of deca and cyp and came off with clomid. I was using fina also but I didn't have any bromo(couldn't find any). This was my first fina cycle so I'm wondering if the lack of bromo is giving me this gyno like pain 2 months after the fact. Should I go back on the nolva or keep lookin for bromo?

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    it goes away!!!
    Dunno why, but my last cycle, i ran fina, at like 100 mg ED....and i started noticing a lump underneath my nipples....when i came off it gfoes away....never could notice it though when looking at me..had to touch it

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