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    Fina - length and combining

    I am not talking about home made but of t-75 from TT labs. Something like this:

    Cyp 400mg/wk : wk 1-10
    Deca 225mg/wk : wk 1-12 (.75cc of deca 300 - for joints)
    EQ 400mg/wk : wk 1-10
    T-75 75mg/eod : wk 11-17
    Prop 75mg/ed : wk 11-17
    Winny 50mg/ed : wk 11-17

    let me know what you think?

    Is every day the way to go with T-75 or EOD?

    Is the cyp at the beginning ok to use or should I run prop all the time. I don't want to gain to much water, or basically would like to have it all gone, be lean and hard at the end of this cycle. Would like to start late feburary and end mid june, so I will be in "beach shape" for june-august.

    I also have t-3 ( cytomel ) which I plan to throw in there with clen together for a 5 week cycle. This is not a set plan, just an idea of the stuff I would like to use.

    About me,.. My last cycle was:
    Deca 450mg wk for 11 weeks
    T-400 400mg wk for weeks 2-11 (was late getting here)

    I am 6'2 226 pounds guessing 13-14% body fat? Went up from 203 pre-cycle, so 23 pounds, not bad!!! I just want to look ripped and be strong, and I think I could be that at about 210.

    I will uses clomid 300, 100, 50 - but not sure what other ones I need to run with this or post cycle for anti -e's. Not looking for flames, but help in shaping this out, and me. Also, this is the wrong board, but anyone have a diet to recommend with this, I have been just eating like a horse on the last cycle, was worried about gaining size, now I want quaility! thanks bros.
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    17 weeks of fina?Bro you are goin to kill your liver.I personally never take tren no more than 8 weeks.It's ok to inject eod but you can go ed that just depends on you. I like to run it the last 6 to 8 weeks of my cycle.Be safe bro!!

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    T-75 75mg/eod : wk 11-17

    thats only 6 weeks hehe

    i would push it to 8 weeks but besides that you look like you have a good cycle on the way.

    Since im mostly a fina info head, i will BUMP for the rest

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    If it is your 1st time using fina, 75MG eod is fine. Go 6-8 weeks. If your sides are not bad and you tolerate it well, you may want to run 75 MG ED or 150 EOD. In my opinion, nothing will change your physique like fina. That is a great cycle ! Grow bro!


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