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    hi guys...hope everyone is doing fine....i have a question. i'm currently into 11week of my approximately 20 week cycle. so far i've been shooting eq 400mg and enanth 500mg per week split into two shots...i have about 40cc of fina at approximately 75mg per ccc. question is what is the most effective way to stack Fina in my current cycle. when should i start fina, how often should i shoot? when in my cycle should i end eq and test and when should i start clomid at the end of the cycle. also am i more likely to get gyno from fina. I appreciate all of you brothers help. Thanks

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    Are u running the eq and test the full twenty weeks? if so imo thats too long, but then i would start the fina in week 19 and run it three weeks past the eq and start clomid 3 days after ur last fina shot.

    eq 400mg 1-20
    test 500mg 1-20
    fina 75mg ed 19-23
    start clomid 3 days after last fina shot

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    IMO also bro 20 weeks is to long. And bro, no flame but u should have known all this before u started ur cycle. Id run something like this..

    weeks 1 - 12 400mgs EQ
    weeks 1 - 12 500mgs Test
    weeks 7 - 15 .75 cc's Fina

    3 days after last fina injection start Clomid.

    But if u run it 20 weeks id run it like this....

    weeks 1 - 20 400mgs EQ
    weeks 1 - 20 500mgs Test
    weeks 15 - 23 .75 cc's Fina

    Also IMO 3 weeks of fina is not long enought to run it. Fina could take anywhere from 3 - 5 weeks to get to a consistent level in ur system. So just as ur reaching peak levels ur going to stop it. Minimun 8 weeks is best. Good luck!


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    good advice here

    its important to plan out your cycles in advance. Adding things as you get them is dangerous and could lead you to troubles.

    be careful bro, we want you around for a long time!

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