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    Question Body hair growth in men

    The question I have is this......Every one talks about hair growth, facial and body, in women, but if I decide to start a cycle of an anabolic is that something I will need to consider? I have no chest, back, and very little facial hair now....which is very waxing to get rid of it. Will I expect to have signifficant facial and body hair growth (chest & stomach)? Please let me know....Thanks
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    if you use AS with pronounced androgenic effect, that growth can be signifficant. Read profiles for steroids you plan to use.

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    I have never had hair on any part of my body except for my legs and my gigential oh I mean gentials but as far as arms and any other part no hair what so ever. I have hair growing every freaking where on my body now even under my eyes. Yes i believe gear will make hair grow like a fvckin Chia pet(very fast and every where) well it did on me.

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    i feel your pain ranger dude...

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    hell, I got to shave my chest stomach back and shoulders,, yes shoulders!

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