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    Beginners Cutting Cycle

    Hey everybody,

    Im a beginner wanting to lose fat and at thes ame time get cut-up
    and ripped.

    My diet is good and weights 3 times a week with cardio 3 times a week!

    Ive decided to take some AAS to help me with the cutting up.

    Im also going to be on a clen /eca/t3 cycle for 8 weeks in 2 weeks time.

    However, will these drugs help in the cutting up process:

    Winny 8 weeks

    Oxandrolone 8 weeks

    Primobolan 8 weeks

    Is there anything wrong with this cycle?

    Please freely offer suggestions, criticism, improvements etc!!!

    REMEMBER, Im only interested in cutting up!!

    Also, what sides can i xpect and how can i counter them?


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    Against running the winny for that long. Too much stress on the liver, bro. I'm against running the winny and Ox together for the same reason. There are both 17aas. Although ox is pretty mild, it'll depend on how much your taking. Make sure you'll be taking a liver protector. You could actually throw a little EQ in there too at 400mg/wk. Hows this look:

    Wks 1-10 400mg EQ/wk
    Wks 1-10 400 mg Primo/wk
    Wks 1-6 40mg Ox/ED
    Wks 7-12 50mg winny/ED

    Start clomid wk 13 at 300mg/1st day; 100mg/ED days 2-10; 50mg/ED days 11-20. Again, liver protector throughout. Creatine compliments the ox so you may want to throw a little of that in too. Don't forget to train hard, eat clean and use proper sterile injecting techiques. Good luck.

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