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    Deca-300 supplies low??

    I did a great cycle of Deca -300, and d-bol (10mg) that ended 8 weeks ago, and I want to start again right away. Now I cant get the Deca as people are telling me in my part of the country it's in big demand and hard to get.. Could this be true? I'm pissed as all I have is the D-bol now, didnt want to do a "d-bol" only cycle (DAMN)

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    Bro, there are so many sources it could be a number of things. Thats unimportant. What IS important is that you give your body enough time off from your great deca 300 cycle and let yourself bounce back. Im sure your shut down pretty hard seeing as how you didnt run any test. If you run back to back deca cycles you will be lucky to get a hard on ever again. ok well thats exaggerated but im sure you see my point. Just be safe bro. maybe stack in some test with your next cycle.

    dont forget the clomid


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