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    Sust Vs Omnadren

    hey bro's anyone try the PVL sust? let me know and how it went...
    hey bro's how would u compare omnadren and sustanon ?? what is the main difference, can someone compare and contrast for me? thanks a loT!

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    You can probably get omna's cheaper, that's the only difference. The formula was changed and now it is the exact same makeup as sust.

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    never tryed their sust but i'm sure it's good..ive used other products by them and they were fine..sust and omni are now the same thing..but i still order sust even though it's more expensive...Madmax..

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    I'm going to bring up an old thread here. Can someone please show me some evidence that Omnas and S250 are now exactly the same tests now. I have looked all over the net and I couldn't find anything but the old Omnas.

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