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    DUIRECTICS, what are they and what ones are good.

    my gut is fat and bloated i want to know if anyone know of a good duirectic to get. please help. and yes i am dieting,

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    You need to drop your body fat. Diuretics are used in competitions by people who are already at like 6% body fat with an eight pack. The diuretics are used to eliminate the thin layer of subcutaneous water (just beneath the skin). This gives you a ripped look. It won't really make a significant difference if you aren't already pretty lean. They are for bodybuilding competitions to achieve a particular look, not for everyday use. Plus, they are uncomfortable, make you piss ALOT, and are unhealthy.


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    Diuretics, also commonly known as "water pills," help your body get rid of unneeded water and salt by excreting it through the urine. In medicine, these drugs are used to treat high blood pressure and reduce the swelling and water build-up caused by various medical problems, including heart failure.
    You want to take this to reduce your gut?...I am not quite sure if this is the "magic pill" you are looking for. As for brands...there are quite a few. These include Lasix, Bumex, Demadex and Zaroxolyn. There are others as well, but I figured I would only mention the main ones used.
    If you do take a diurect which again, I am not sure as to WHY you do, be sure to follow a low-sodium diet, and take either a potassium supplement or eat lots of bananas. I can further help if I know what your goals are. If its a gut you are trying to get rid of, diuretics are not the answer, however, if its the final weeks of preping for a show, maybe it is. Good luck.

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    probably if you don't know what a diuretic is, you shouldn't be messing with them.

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