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    Maintaining Deca Gains

    Im gonna be using deca for 250mg/ wk for 3 weeks, then 400 mg/ wk for 4 weeks, then back to 250 for another 3. Would using HCG at the end of the cycle help to maintain some of those gains, or is there anything else you guys could reccomend . I won't be using again for some time after this deca cycle. Thanks

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    what are you using post cycle, or even during the cycle?? what is your diet like???

    read up on hcg , there is a ton of info on this already
    also a ton of info on deca
    also a ton of info on post therapy

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    I've never personally used HCG , but my impression of it is it wouldn't be that effective when used after a cycle that length. It also seems like your dosages are too ebb and flow. Are you taking anything with it? (like abstrack said already) I think clomid post cycle with steady, slightly adjusted lifting would help you keep most gains. I know everyone is saying it now but prob good to have nolvedex on hand in case if you are running deca only. If it's it impossible to get any (which is hard to believe) at least get some 6-oxo or Tribulus.
    good luck bro!

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