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    Question first cycle need advice

    I am new to the site and have a lot of questions. I have been working out and have decided to do a cycle, my first. I am welcoming any tips, warnings, workouts. I checked the review chart and am considering Human Growth Horomone. I don't want to be huge just cut up like a bad mother f*cker. Is this the correct drug to use for the results I want and for my first cycle?

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    OMG NO! your profile you wrote under cycle experience that you never want to learn more well my suggestion is to learn a lot more and at 21 stay far away from GH.

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    HGH is for an extremely experienced user man, if you are considering it for a 1st cycle you would be out of your mind. In my opinion you should do extensive research on the different drugs mentioned here and then come up with a potential cycle IF you decide that juice is for you. Jumping into the game headfirst without any knowledge is the easiest way to get burned, as some bros here will attest. Had they had the opportunity to ask questions on a message board when it mattered most to get accurate advice, decisions may have been different, which I'm sure will apply to you as well. We will all do our best to help you but you need to do the legwork before you take the plunge. Welcome to the board and best of luck.

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    looks like the first thing you need to know is that some of these drugs are dangerous if not done properly.

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