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Thread: keeping gains

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    keeping gains

    i am almost off of a cycle,and iam almost at 200 lbs,one more week to try and reach my goal.doing sust shot eod and slin 2 times a day to reach that mark.i want to stay at 185 after clomid and clen usage.any tips or opinions on how you keep as much of your gains as possible are greatly appreciated.

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    Keep eating, you wont want to at first, but its crucial. Congrats on the results bro

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    Id jump on creatine and eat as much as you can...... butt keep it clean....

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    If you are planning on using the clen , you can eat (like you should) and not gain fat. You body still needs the kcals and protein, you just will not have the appetite like you once did.

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    Unless you're really carrying a lot of water you shouldn't lose 15 pounds after cycle; especially if you use clomid. The hardest part is the psycological letdown when coming off. You tend to lose some strength, that's natural, but don't slack up on your workouts. If anything work out harder and continue to pack in the protein. Clen or a ECA stack will give you the extra energy needed to boost your workouts that you were getting from the androgens. Another controversial technique is to bridge. Anavar is a popular choice as is low doses of a long ester test.

    The worst part about finishing a cycle for me is breaking out on my back. I suspect it is the clomid because back in the day when I was less educated about AS I did a cycle without clomid therapy and never broke out.

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    I've only cycled once with deca , and used clomid when coming off. But I held onto almost all that I gained by maintaining the same diet. I didn't lose weight til a month and half later when I started missing meals on a daily basis. So if you continue eating right, you should be fine. Keep working out, but remember that when coming off AS, the body leans toward a catabolic phase, which is obviously what the clomid & clen are supposed to counter. If you overwork your muscles to much, it can be counterproductive towards maintaining the gains, just because of the timing involved.

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