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    can u take 100 dbol then 100 winny.

    i just want to know if u could take 100 rusian dbol 25mg a say, get big and then take 100 winny tabs at 30mg a day will it get u big and keep some of your gains.

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    so 20 days on dbol and then winny... i mean i guess you could considering the low doses... and that most people run 35-50 mg for 4-5 week. Thought I think it can be done gains will be minimal if any and definatly not keepable especially at those doses. Inject. is the only way to do it. If your not up for it you don't belong in the game bro. My 1st cycle ever at 19 was ED shots for 8 weeks... that was a hell of an enterance to the darkside...

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    Not a great idea bro

    Both d-bol and winny are 17aa steriods (meaning the shit is not so good on your liver) I would throw those d-bols away and try to get some EQ.
    But if you insist on using both d-bol and winny try not to do it for more than 6-7 weeks, IMO.

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