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    The true results???

    I am on my third cycle. I do EQ @ 400mg and T200E @ 800mg a week. Each cycle has been for 10 weeks with clomid at the end. I eat better than most people and keep a log of every gram of protein, carbs, ect..... I keep my protein intake @ 2 grams per pound of weight when I am on a cycle.
    I am happy with my results. I gain/keep about 7 lbs per cycle.
    I read on this board about the 25+ lb gains people say they get per cycle. In 2 years... they should all be over 300 lbs body weight.
    I wonder if the weight they have at the end of their cycle is the same 3 months later?
    There is allot of guys using AS in my gym and I only know 1 guy over 300 lbs.

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    Well I usually gain on average 10 lbs or so per cycle and yes I do keep 8 lbs if not all of it. My last cycle I gained 20+ lbs, and that was in July, glad to sya I've kept every pound and without juice have put on an additional 10! Since I've been out of the service, I started at 178 went to 214 on gear, caught the flu several months later and dropped to 210, did another jumped to 225, daughter was born and took time off, dropped to 215, did my last one and shot up to 234, and like I said that was in July, glad to say without gear I've managed to creep up to 242!!! I forgot to mention I only cycle every 8 months or so.

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