The SERIOUS SUPPS!!! How many of you guys are supplementing WITH your cycles? WHAT do you take? i.e.

*Cranberry extract
***and of course a good PROTEIN SORCE
We are puttung are bodies under a serious load, asking alot from it when we do a cycle putting on a hopeful 20lbs in 6-10 wks!!! Quite amazing actully. So what are YOU doing for your body in return when asking such a chore from it? They say BODY BUILDING is somthing like 70% Nutrition 20% Mental AND 10% GEAR !!!!
BODY ..... BUILDING....... Just think about those words are you using the full Arsenal availible to you, the actual buildlding blocks of Nutrition!! NOT just PROTEIN, FAT, AND CARBS, (AND spikeing your self in the ASS) AND if your not using these how many of you find that all your gains disapear QUITE QUICKLY which altimately leads to I have to do another cycle BECAUSE Im shrinking and getting weaker...... Hmmmm....
HOW do you guys fell about this, just wondering!!!!!!