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    Having trouble burning fat

    I'd really like to be more cut than I am now, and I'm having trouble burning fat. My next cycle starts in two weeks and will consist of fina, test, and whinny, and xenadrine throughout. I have some questions concerning carb intake and cardio workouts. How many carbs should I be eating and at what times during the day if I'm trying to cut down? When talking about carbs are people only concerned with complex carbs or simple carbs as well? Also, when should I be consuming my protien throughout the day? I'm very dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes, but I'm not sure what types of cardio are best and when the best times to do cardio are; and how many days a week. I know that the moring is the best, but should I split it up as well and go twice a day. Currently I'm doing cardio 4 times a week for 30 min high intensity once a day in the moring. I have a limited budget because I'm in school and almost all of my money goes to gear, so I need some suggestions for my diet? I'd relly appreciate anyone who can give me suggestions.

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    Its hard to tell you how many carbs to eat everyday b/c everyone is different but I would start at around 200g a day. And try not to eat any carbs 5-6 hrs before bed. And make sure you eat plently of protein. Cardio is best done in the morning on an empty stomach, but after your workout is fine too. I would suggest doing low intensity cardio. This will help maintain muscle. Glutamine will also help to maintain muscle a long with aas. As for the amount of cardio, I'm doing low intensity (ie walking on incline or biking) for 45 min 5 times a week and it is working pretty well. But everyone is different. Hope this helps.

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