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    Chinese Clen Cycle

    hey guys. I'm getting 200 Clen 0.04mg from Katonjeng lab. Has anyone tried this stuff? Is it any good? Also, what kind of cycle should i look at with this? 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off? What kind of results can i expect? I'm goin to be working out 5 days a week. with 45 min. cardio 5 days a week also. My goal is to lose around 40-50lbs. Let me know guys. Thanks!

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    40-50 pounds is a at least a 3 month event. Start by taking 1 tab a day for first 2 days, then 2 tabs a day for 3 days and see if you need to bump it up to 3 tabs.

    None the less, run it 2 weeks on, then 2 weeks ECA in between. This will help you cut. Make sure your lowering your carb intake and drinkings lots of water. Id say 4 pounds a week in fat lose is possible doing this. Good luck

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