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    Clen dosage and how to administer?

    What is the best way to administer clen . I have read pyramid but then read taperin down after steady dosage what is most effective way? I also have 1400 clen pills and have no clue of the dosage of each pill. they came in 50 pill square bottle and are white with an R across the front. They costed me 12.50 per bottle of 50. Thank you if you can help. I plan on doing a 12 day on 12 day off routine. During the 12 off days will use Xenadrene...

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    The tappering thing is to get used to the sides, mainly the shaking is what kills me. I started with 40mcg per day and went up about 20mcg everyday until I hit 120mcg then tappered down the same way. Next time I will tapper up and down a little fast as I am used to the effects and sides of the drug. The tappering down is so your body won't crash coming off of the stuff. IMO if you are using an ECA on the off cycle then you don't need to worry that much about the tappering down. It isn't like T3 were you can really F yourself up if you don't tapper down correctly. I have no idea about your pills dosage but most of what I hear is that they are all 20mcg, except a few 40mcg brands out there. Your cycling looks very good with the 12 on 12 off with the xenad thrown in.


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