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Thread: Gear Check

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    Gear Check

    My source sent me some extra gear for being late, and I'm not 100% on what it is. I've got some Suspension Esteroide Anabolica. Under ingrediente activo it says: Estanozolol 50mg/ml. This is winny right? I've also got agrovirin depot. It also says Testosteroni Isobutyras 25mg v 1ml. I assume that is Test Suspension 25mg/ml. The Testovis 100mg im 2ml is 100mg/ml, right? Or is it per 2ml? He also sent Liotironina Sodica 20mcg, which is assume is T3. One last thing, metahanehoh( the N is backwards and the middle A doesn't exactly look like an A, I think it is Slovakian). Is this Dbol ? Thanks for all the help!

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    its russian dbol bro!

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