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    which is better for gains???

    which is better???
    1cc of test 400 every monday and friday weeks 1-5, then 1cc of sust 250 every monday and friday weeks 6-10
    1cc of test 400 on monday and 1cc of sust 250 on friday weeks 1-10

    thanx for the help!!!

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    t400 and sust are going to hurt. You need more gear. i wouldnt even run the sust personally.

    i need some stats to help you more bro.

    but im probably gonna suggest

    1-10 400 mg t400
    1-10 300 mg deca

    clomid for post

    shots split up into 2 a week.

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    You don't need to know
    You make that so confusing to me ! Just pick one or the other and run it wks 1-10...........Personally I would run Sus250 Mon. & Thurs , But that's because I'm a Sus man Throw some Eq in'll love it !

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    mystikal1mc is offline New Member
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    Feb 2003
    i have a 10 cc bottle of t400 and 10 sust amps. i was just wondering how to run them over 10 weeks.

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    if i were u i would just go ahead and plan on getting very bloated

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