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Thread: sugar diabetes

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    sugar diabetes

    if a guy is a diabetic would doing a cycle of steroids effect this condition at all?

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    I would really think he would need a good physical amd blood workup before you use any juice.

    With being a diabetic you must really take the extra step to insure later in life you dont deveope problems that would be prevented today.

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    I don't have diabetes (and this cycle I am using slin), but I have noticed ocassionally when I am in a cycle (heavy androgens in particular) that I can sometimes become hypoglycemic(and that is when I am not using slin). I read somewhere that aas can indeed cause hypoglycemia, but I haven't really heard of anyone else I know who has noticed similar side effects. I am not really prone to hypoglycemia, so I have always chocked it up to possible effects from the aas. Not sure if this helps you at all, but I thought I would let you know some of my experiences.

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