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Thread: 1ad and 4diol

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    1ad and 4diol

    I've been reading the heck out of the streoid forum lately. I'm not quite at the point of wanting to take illegal steroids or even legal ones such as 1ad or 4diol which i've heard a few success stories from users here. If in another half a year i do not make the gains in strenght or mass, i belive i would want to look more in to such supplements. So for now i will continue to get educated in this subject.

    For now my ? is about the side effect associated with 1ad and 4ad they seem to be the same as illegal steroids, but how often does this occur percentage wise? 50% 99%? And also 1ad and 4driol are considered prohormones whats the difference between a prohormone and an illegal steroid as decca. Thanks for the info.

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    Prohormones are garbage and a complete waste of $$$ simply can't beat the real deal. If they truly worked the way the are supossed to work, do you honestly believe they would still be legally attainable? Don't waste your hard earned $$$ on that crap.

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