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Thread: CLomid therapy

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    CLomid therapy

    I know what a clomid cycle should look like for 3 weeks , but how should it look for 4 weeks. I'm going to be finishing Deca 400 mg's a week for 12 weeks, and it has been suggested to run clomid for 4 weeks instead of 3 after deca? Also does this sound right?
    Deca-weeks 1-12,
    Prop-weeks 1-13,
    Winny weeks 11-15,
    then start clomid 1 day after last winny shot????
    also should clen be ran weeks 15-16 or start clen with the clomid weeks 16-17?

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    i run my clomid like this bro....300mg day 1, 150mg days 2 - 15, 100mg days 16 - 28...i know it seems like alot but i worry about recovery quite can start the clen with the clomid..thats how i run run your cycle like could up the deca to 400mg and the prop to 100mg eod..but i don't know your stats....Madmax..

    prop 50mg eod (1-4)
    deca 300mg (1-12)
    test cyp 500mg (1-12)
    winny 50mg ed (10-15)

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    I'd go with Madmax's suggestion on the Clomid therapy. Deca can be difficult to recover from so its better to use more clomid than not enough IMO.

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    After trial and error, this forumla works best for ME.

    Day 1 - 300mg Clo, 20mg Nolv, .25 armidex
    Day 2-15 100mg Clo, 20mg Nolv, .25 armidex
    Day 15-21 .25 armidex

    Everyones recovery is different. You will have to find whats best for you, but the example Madmax gives is an excellent starting point.

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