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    What acne do you get while on test or dbol-facial or body acne?

    Hey guys.

    just wanted to check what was more common for ppl taking either test or dbol - acne on the face or acne on other parts of the body (back, shoulders, chest). were you prone to acne before AS? also, anyone out there that was prone to acne that didn't get it?

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    i've never had trouble with acne other than the occasional zit, however while on this fina/prop i have had some zits develop on different places on my body...if you are prone to breakouts then it will surface everywhere it can, which can include both your body and face. generally it develops on back, chest, shoulders because sweat and oils accumulate over the course of the day and clog the pores. take a shower in the morning and after workout and make sure to cleanse your face several times throughout the day if you are concerned.

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    I was acne prone before a test cycle and did not get it while on. When I came off my chest, back, shoulders broke out real bad. If you are acne prone then you will get it. Thank god for Accutane.

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