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    Thumbs up Check Out This Cool Site!

    Check out this cool prices at walmart.

    See the best prices ever!!!!!

    bro, i believe your fairly new here, so i'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. you wont get a second warning.

    peace bb79
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    cool....but come on...does anyone read the board rules?? I see this everyday...NO SOURCE POSTING

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    munje... wtf do you have to gain by posting this? im sorry, i really dont like to flame.... but you are either a) an idiot b) a source looking for business or c) a scammer.

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    almost always a scammer

    if a true source went about business like this, they would be caught and arrested quickly.

    never respond to out of the blue source offers.. by the time you figure out your riped off, its too late to do anything.

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