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Thread: Liquid Clomid

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    Liquid Clomid

    I purchased some liquid clomid for research purposes...ya know... and when it came I had no clue what to do with it. There are two clear bottles, and one white one. No directions. THey all contain the exact same label. The white liquid is very thick and chalky, the others are not even as thick as oil. Very unsure about wtf to do. If you guys have any ideas, or have done it before, please let me know. Cycle is ending soon so I need to figure shit out fast.

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    well the thick one should be the clomid, I only know this because I just got mine yesterday, but are you sure you didnt order some oil too, because that is what i did, and that was the first package I opened, I thought the same thing..I would e-mail the person you ordered from..I went to RK..but not bout yours.

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    You're ok there guy.

    Take the white chalky one and run it under hot tap water for a few minutes it should turn clear like the rest of them.


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    Bump xxxl83,

    I put the vial in a coffee mug with warm water, clears right up. That liquid clomid sure tastes bad!!! Works well thoiugh.


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