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    Apr 2002

    I need HELP with my cycle, PLEASE Critique!!

    Hey all here's my stats:
    22 yrs, 6'1, 210 lbs , been working out for 6 yrs, i've taken 3 cycles in the past. the first one was a 10 week omnadren cycle (12 omnas), the second was a d-bol deca cycle for 8 weeks, and the thrid was last summer, i did 20 ml's of prop, 20 ml's of enanthate , 20 primo's, and 40ml's of Spectro V........

    Here's what i have on hand and how i was thinking of stacking it:

    25 ml's of Norma-Hellas Deca (100mg/ml)
    15 ml's of Karachi Sustanon (250mg/ml)
    30 ml's of UpJohn Winstrol (50mg/ml)

    ex.. "Week 2- 2S" means 2 ml's of sust for week 2

    Week1- 1S
    Week2- 2S
    Week3- 2S
    Week4- 2S, 1D
    Week5- 3S, 1D
    Week6- 2S, 2D
    Week7- 2S, 2D
    Week8- 1S, 3D
    Week9- 3D, 5V
    Week10- 3D, 5V
    Week11- 3D, 5V
    Week12- 3D, 5V
    Week13- 2D, 5V
    Week14- 2D, 5V

    I will do clomid at the end of the cycle, and i will be taking Proscar throughout. I also have Novaldex and Proviron on hand.

    This will take me to the beginning of june....which is where i want to be....
    any comments? am i doin anything wrong?

    thanks for your help


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    Apr 2002
    bump....anyone? or does my cycle look good the way it is?



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    malaka the way u have ur cycle its about half confusing .run the sust 500 stright dont taper u wanna keep lveevls constant not up and down ,second ,is that 11 weeks of deca ??at that dosage bro useless nad why not run from the begining with the sust ata constant amount ,better gains ,will avoid any chances of deca dick and so on ,and is that 6 weeks of winny , ed or eod ???tha whole cycle is thaought out very wrong here
    1-8 500 sust week ,
    1-7 300 deca i think u have one ml left throwit in somwhere (and in my opinin it should be ran atleast 10 weeks at 400)but ..
    7-11 50 mg winn ed .i think that doseage are correct ,cuase u confuses me tha way u put them in .

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    You don't need to know
    Like Big-N said.......keep Sus at 500mg ew , but I would run the cycle for 10-12 wks................
    wks 1-10 500mg Sus.........250 on Mon. & Thurs.
    wks 1-10 300/400mg deca 200 on Mon. & Thurs
    wks 8-13 50mg winny
    Clomid day after winny 300/100/50

    It's easier to read when you lay it out like this bro

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    I like what Big N has outlined considering what you have. I think you should get 5 more sus and 15 more deca .

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