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    What do u guys think of this??

    this cycle?? did first five weeks 1cc test 200 1cc deca then next five weeks did 2cc test and 1cc deca300. now the next five weeks 3cc test 1cc deca and 1cc eq 200. then 5 wks 2cc test 1cc eq then 5 wks 1cc and 1cc. then clomid afterwards. so far ive gained about 16 lbs and quite alot of strength. does this cycle seem to be ok. thanks

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    it seems like it you are all ready on it so if i said no it sucks shit it would be to late. but yeah it seems to be working out and everything seems to be allright dosage wise, and if your strenght and weight are going up you must be doing something i correct in reading that this is 25 weeks long if so that seems a little long, up the dosage of test and eq and run it for 15weeks, eq is really effective after 5weeks till about week 15 but that is my 2 cents and that is canadian so it ain't worth fuck all.

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    Keep it at 1cc of each all the way through. If your body is reacting to that dose you don't need to up it. If your gains start to slow down up your calories. You don't need to up dose when gains stop, upping the dose won't give more gains, more calories will.

    I heard a Bro, say he adds what ever weight he wants to gains to his present weight, then adjusts calories accordingly.


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