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    Lightbulb Eq

    When on 350mg of eq weekly and while taking clen if i am 5'10 197lbs at 15-17% Bf what amount of calories should i take in (protien carbs and fats) if i am trying to get in single digit BF and gain about 5-10lbs of muscle in 7 weeks. Please break down how many grams of protien fat and carbs i should consume. Thanks

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    depends on if your fat or carb sensitive. can't give you a number till you figure it out. i did this by eating the same meals everyday for a month, then at week 5, bump up the fat for a week and lower the carbs. see how your body reacts, then week 6 up the carbs and lower the fat. see what happens. figure out where your at then i could help you out.

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