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    Nolvadex Therapy Post Cycle Help Needed

    Guys...I am about to complete my 10 week cycle running 500 mgs Test, 600 Mgs Deca , and 400 mgs of EQ with 50 mgs of Anadrol for the first 2 weeks.

    Here are my symptoms. I have no pain or lumps in in my nipples, but my nipples definately appear "soft," like they are holding water. When my nipples are hard everything looks great though. I am thinking I should run Nolvadex to correct this, but I hadnt prior because I had no pain or sensitivity. How many Mgs of Nolva should I run, and for how long to fix this prob?


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    ppl are gonna tell u to get bromo for the deca . I don't know bout the rest as im stiull learning.

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    For Nolva (if you want to run as a replacement for clomid) the dose is matched with clomid... 50mg of clomid = 20mg of Nolva (if I'm not mistaken) - so you can figure the dose from there.

    Usually bro's will hit it hard the first few days (80mg) then taper down to 20mg per day for a few weeks.

    But if you fear possible gyno symptoms from Deca - bromo is your only hope.

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    Hey bro im a bif believer in nolv and what it can do. Like i tell everyone else, run 20mgs ed for 2 - 4 months and u'll see improvment.


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