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Thread: T200/t400

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    Nov 2002


    Hey bros

    I have 1 10cc bottle of t200 and 2 10cc bottles of t400. I'm going to do a 10 week cycle, should I start the cycle with the t200 and finish it off with the t400?

    Also I have 120 20mg tabs and 30 10mg tabs of nolva, plus 80 tabls of clomid. Do you guys think this would be engouh for my 10 week cycle?


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    its enough, but are you sure that you researched enough?

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    I've taken something similar to that. Aratest 2500 and T400. You can take 1cc of T400 and 1/2cc T200 twice a week = 10 wk. I have to tell you that T400 hurts like hell.

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    T400 is going to hurt like a bitch. What doses are you running of test? Personally I'd throw in some liquidex as well and just keep the nolva on hand in case gyno symptoms arise.

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    Thanks for the response guys

    This is my first cylce and want to run it like this:

    week 1-10 test 400mg a week (t200 divided in to 2 shots per week till I run out, then start with t400 but I'm still not sure how to divide this one. looking for advice here)
    week 1-10 deca 200mg twice a week
    week 6-10 dbol 20-30mg ed

    hcg /clomid for post cycle.

    I'm thinking of starting the test with t200 @ 400mg per week
    then go to the t400. I'm still shaky on the t400 but that's all I could get right now. Also, I'm doing a strength competition at the end of the cycle so that's why I added the dbol at the end.
    **This is a size and strength cycle.

    I'd appreciate all the advice you could give on the t400.

    thanks guys

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    The t400 should be taken at 1/2 cc, mixed with deca . expect fo feel some pain from it, it's stings.

    dbol should be the first 4 weeks instead of the last, you'll still have plenty of strength for your comp.

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    You should mix the T200 with the T400 so you can dilute the reportedly painful effects of the T400 (assuming T200 is less painful)


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