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    How many of u actually buy extra gear to compensate for juice left in the pin?

    Do u guys all buy spare bottle of two of juice just to keep the dosage levels more accurate??? I mean are all these dosages on cycle boards and everything else assuming that u really got a full shot??

    I mean otherwise it would be 380 mg deca week, 460 test......see my point????

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    This subject seems to come up quite often. It really doesn't matter if there is juice left in the pin or not. The fact is if you base your cycle on 500mg/wk of test this cycle and 1000mg/wk next cycle the fact still remains you have double your dose regardless of whats lost in the pin. (the lose in the pin which really depends on the size and length of the pin as to how much is lost)

    I think this subject has been analyzed to death. If it is really that important to you then you need to start taking into account the weight of the ester, because 500mg/wk of test suspension is not the same as 500mg/wk of test enanthate . The enanthate ester has been weighed into the test so in a 200mg/ml you are actually only getting in the area of 187mg/ml of test and the rest is ester. The fact is no one here including myself is that intuned to their body that they can tell the difference between 460mg/wk vs 500mg/wk. If you are consistent in throughout you cycle none of it should matter.

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