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    Quality Vet LAbs Bunk?

    I have two bottles of Qv Bold 200 and 2 bottles of Enanthat 250. Im about to start my Qv cycle. My buddy called me yesterday and said he is real scetchy on Qv right now because of some of the bad things he has been hearing. He says the bottles are dirty not very pure therefor people are getting bad results. On my enanthate the lote # is Qve-004 october 2004. ANd my Bold lote # is QVB oo4 october of 2004. So what do you guys really thing about Qv? Should I shoot? Maybe that stuff is rumored. I bought my qv is Tijuana. Thanks guys for the support!

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    Peel the hologram off and tell me what you see....are there "dots" left behind? is there 2 "V" shapes? Or nothing? As far as being "dirty", I have never heard that about QV, but I hope its BS!

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    Never heard of any problems with QV at all. IMO QV is the best vet brand around. I have been using the test enanthate for quite some time now and it is the shit. As far as results go I could not be happier. The prop is also a great product. My source carries all brands but I always go with the QV. I would proceed with my cycle if I were you.

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    QV's site has a list of all their lot #'s and corresponding exp. dates. Yours check out.

    You should also post pics of the bottles to get others opinions on them.

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    There was an article is last months MD talking about QV fakes that are floating around. Maybe your buddy happend to get one of these fakes. Ive always ran QV products in my cycle and imo they are the best Mex-Vet products out there.

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    I thought the QV EQ was bad. Just didn't get good results off of it. It's not dirty or anything like that though. The enanthate i thought was fine... no real problems with it.

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    Do you guys know if ALL of the QV holos are supposed to leave dots behind when pealed off? Or do the newer ones with the V-slits not leave dots? I have older ones w/out the v-slits and they leave dots, but some of the newer lots with v-slits do not leave dots.? Any help would be appreciated, thanks bros!

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    Also, they must have rounded edges. If they do not have the dots after you peel the holigrams...they are fake as a 3 dollar bill. Imagine these morons trying to fake QV...they go through all this trouble of getting holigrams and wrapping the boxes....only to not round the edge of the labels to make them a dead givaway. Morons

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    QV sucked for me

    I did three bottles of QV enanth 250 and it did absouluty nothing. I think its the Batch becasue other people that have had the same gear but differnet lot number has worked for them. No matter who you are and you do 3 bottles of test you will see a weight change. Nothing for me! I ran EQ with it and thats the only thing that worked. So beware before you do these QV bottles. Anyone out there have any other idea on the enath not working please let me know.

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    I am hearing of some fake QV products going around.
    However I will say that I got in a batch of 50ml QV 250 Ethan, and it hurts like a mofo when you shoot it. Also have some EQ QV, and works beautifully. If you can post a pic up it would help or check out your lot numbers on QV's website, still may not really verify if you shit is good, cause some guy could've put something else in there, but if the caps, are sealed, and lot numbers are good, then chances are you got the real stuff.
    Bottom line I love QV products, (just was disappointed with this batch of t 250), but I hear that I got one of the batches that they put to much BA in it, that is why it hurts. The newer batches are okay I have been told.

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    Here's a link to a theard that has pics of real and fake side by side.


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