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    sustanon winstrol stack-please help

    I'm looking for a moderately safe stack to gain a cut 20-25 pounds that will stay after only the one cycle. I can purchase sustanon and winstrol , which would seem like the way to go, from the local pharmacy and wanted a cycle for the two of them or maybe some advice for something similar or better. i can also get proviron and hcg for the end of the cycle and wanted to know how to incorporate these as well. should clomid also be worked in somehow? thanks

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    firt off good luck there no way in hell ur gaining 20 lean pounds of that and yet alone keep eveything !u need to hit the books a bit more more like a keepable 10 lean lbs ,yes
    1-10 500 sust
    8-12 50 mg winny ed ,
    25 mg prov daily ..(to to relase more free test ,for a bit of the bloat ,and antie)

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