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    Pre=Loading Syringes

    Hey all I just wanted to know if it's safe to preload sust into my syringes a week ahead, like take 2 amps and split them into 3 equal amounts in my syringes and then reseal my syringe and use them when I need them during the week??
    can anyone help me out with this?
    thanks fart

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    A week ahead of time is fine I did it no probs
    do A search on (preloading) its around hear somewhere.

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    that should give you no problems...ive never done it myself, but i have heard a bunch of people around here say that they will do it no earlier than a week and a half ahead of time....good luck

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    I preloaded 6 weeks worth of fina/prop without problems. Your good to go bro. It makes it easier to take shots because all you have to do is wipe yourself down with a swab and jab it in.

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