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    Do I need HCG or Clomid enough

    I'm going to be taking fina/prop/winny. The amount is in my signature area. Would I need HCG or will Clomid be okay? And since winny I will still be taking winny after last inject of prop/fina should I wait to start clomid or start clomid after prop/fina?

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    just do clomid

    here's a good test question when are you planning on taking your clomid

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    You may want to consider at least having some hCG handy just in case. At your doses of AAS, you will be inhibited. Inhibition leads to testicular atrophy, and that is what you don't want when you are entering your recovery phase. It's hard to say if you will experience atrophy or not. Everybody is different. Although your doses are not substantially high, they are still high enough to shut you down. Even the winny itself will be inhibitory. So if you can get some hCG, I would at least have it handy just in case. For me, I know Tren shuts me down hard. A lot of other people will tell you this as well. So if you notice atrophy any time in your cycle, or even if you don't notice atrophy (I will get to this in a sec.), you may want to consider runing some hCG to make for a smooth transition into recovery phase (I won't go into doses and schedule cuz you can find them doing a search: we have covered this pretty extensively, but if you didn't find your answer you can still ask. No problems in asking!) As far as the clomid, remember you want to be completely cleared of ANY AAS before starting. Otherwise you will defeat the purpose. Since you will still be inhibited on winny alone, you will want to wait till it has cleared before starting clomid. Clomid can't do its job until you have low enough hormone levels for the hypothalamus/pituitary to sense these low levels and therefore start pumping out GnRH and subsequently LH/FSH, while the clomid is used to maintain these hormones. Even though winny doesn't convert to estrogen, remember it is not only estrogen that is inhibitory, but it is high estrogen and all high levels of hormones that prevent the hypo/pit from releasing GnRH and LH/FSH. So definately wait to start the clomid until you are sure you are clear from the winny. Also even if you don't think you have noticed testicular atrophy, they will still have been without LH signal due to inhibition of the hypo/pit. So in doing a course of hCG (by course, I mean any of the possible schedules for running hCG) you will prime the testes or shock them out of their dormant state, so they will be ready to receive and maintain the proper signal of LH so that you will be able to recover endogenous test production easier than if you chose to do so w/o hCG. Clomid only helps by making the hypothalamus think it needs to release GnRH which will stimulate the pituitary to produce LH/FSH, but if the testes are not able to do anything with the LH signal (due to atrophy or just lack of stimulation for a length of time), this is where you run into problems in the recovery phase.
    So do you absolutely need hCG? Maybe not! You may be able to recover fine w/o it. But IMO, it can hasten recovery and sometimes be the crucial element often times overlooked in the recovery phase. Remember, the better (faster and fuller) recovery you have is probably the most important factor in determining whether you keep or lose your gains. But this is just my opinion, and it's always open for discussion

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