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    what's the best way to bake the pain out of test?

    i have injection pain bad.

    i baked test at 210 degree's for 8 minute's, then let it cool. i did this 3 time's. i mixed 1/2 ml of EQ in with 1 1/2 ml of test. a previous bottle did not hurt at all.

    doe's anyone know a better temperature and amount of time to bake it?

    will 210 degree's sterilize the gear?

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    If you want to kill all the unfriendly bacteria and viruses:
    1) you need to get it to 251 deg F for 15 minutes (use a pressure cooker with a 15 psi weight, OR
    2) boil it in a pan of water 3 times for 30 minutes at 24 hour intervals. That would mean boiling it, for instance, Monday at 6pm, letting it cool, boiling it on Tuesday at 6 pm, then again on Wednesday at 6pm.

    If you get the stuff up to 251 deg F, you kill all the bugs the first time, including the dormant spores. If you boil it (212 deg F) you only get the active bugs. By letting it sit 24 hours, the spores get active, and then you can kill them at 212 deg F. The third boiling makes sure you get 'em all.
    . Oh yeah, keep in mind that the 30 minutes begins when the water starts to boil, not from the time you turn on the heat.

    I don't think this will affect your injection pain, though. That more than likely depends on what exactly is in your prop . . . benzyl benzoate is used in some mixtures to decrease the discomfort, I'd suggest checking some of the other posts that have covered this issue . . .

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    If you're having to bake your gear to get rid of bacteria and/or viruses then I would seriously suggest going with a different source or brand. All injectable gear should be sterile when it comes to you. Just my .02! I have never heard of baking to get rid of BA content. That doesn't mean that it isn't possible though. I personally think that the pain was decreased simply due to the fact that you added the EQ.

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    Do you bake the test in the vials does the gear stay good or do you have to use it right away after you bake it.


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