I am planning on Taking my first "real" cycle......

I have done two cycle's already...but after reading through some messages posted on the forum I have realised that I have just wasted my money.....not efforts though as even though the cycles may not have been ideal...I have still been putting in hard work and noticing some gains......

My first cycle was 10mls deca only....duh....I know...

Second cycle was 20 mls deca and 20 mls winstrol over 8 weeks....no results really.....

I weigh 95kgs
not sure on body fat??
Have some "love handles" but lean every where else.

I am planning on taking the following cycle :

Deca, Sust & Winstrol

week 1 : Sust 250mg per week, Deca 250mg per week
week 2 & 3 : Sust 500mg per week, Deca 200mg per week
Week 4 & 5: Sust 750mg per week, Deca 400mg per week
Week 6 & 7 : Sust 500mg per week, Deca 200mg per week
Week 8 : Sust 250mg per week, Deca 200mg per week

Winstrol will be used during week week 5, 6 & 7

Week 5 & 6 : Winstrol 7mls per week.
Week 7 : Winstrol 6mls per week

Let me know what you think of the stack (mixture) as well as the cycle / dosage per week.