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Thread: Cutting cycle

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    Cutting cycle

    Hi to all. i'm 25, 185cm and 95Kg with about 20% body fat. I trained for 3 years. I want to get in a cutting cycle. This is my firtst time that i will get steroids and i'm comfused about what i have to do.
    A friend (and from the internet) told me to use a 10 week cycle with winstrol depoth, primobolan and clenbuterol . I cant understand how winstron and primo can help me to lose fat... What you suggest?
    May be is better to use gh?
    Please give a hand....

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    bro diet and cardio are the 2 biggest factors, get those down and you wont have problems cutting...Madmax

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    I dont know a lot about growth hormone , but from what i do know, its not for newbies. So dont even consider gh. Also, dont run winstrol for more than 6 weeks, its way too hard on you liver. Clenbuterol for 2 weeks at 6-8 pills a day, then ECA stack for 2 weeks, and back to clen and so on for 8 weeks or so with a clean diet and a lot of cardio will help u cut and may be something you want to consider

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    use the search button to find the answer key!

    No offense man, but u have alot of reading to do before you start juicing. Alot of good info on the boards where you can also find alot of the answers to your questions. Do your HW bro, post a cycle, and someone will happily critique it for you. good luck, US~

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    I think if you are truly 20% BF then you can lose half of that with minimal muscle loss by simple diet changes and cardio.

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