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    Question steroid question

    i would like some advice on the best roids to start on that will help with bulk but not make me bloat and is good for keeping your gains iam just abeginer and am in need of help in every department from training to obtaining any help most welcome

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    OK. I'll say it...

    Do some searches on the boards. Also, go to the AR main home page and they have a lot of info on all kinds of juice and the side effects and ratings.

    Keep reading.....

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    zero hahaah, u want us to give u info for free ? i would luv to jus spit out a cycle for u, that would be great, but no one does for anybody, do some research man, and learn about AAS first... hehe i luv it when people come in here and juice wanna be spoon fed with little or no effort on their be half.....since i dont want to be see nas a pathetic jerk, i will start u off. the best AAS that wont give u bloat will not give u many gains.

    2. u said u are a begginer in ALL DEPARTMENTS and people remember he said all, i assume that means u havent trained long enough naturally to juice. if u havent reached ur maximum potential u will end up just filling out

    u need to train naturally and hardcore for at leats 2 years before starting to juice, and since u are a total begginer and need help in every department, i would think u should train naturally for a longer period of time.

    now, although this post might have seemed like a total flame, it wasnt, im just telling u what every other guy on AR will tell u, YOU ARE NOT READY TO USE STEROIDS !

    good luck in whatever path u decide to take !
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    Bro I've seen from your profile that you only have 6mo. training exp. You really need to train longer than that before you start injecting. Your body has to be in the best physical shape possible before you start introducing extra testosterone in your system. I started cycling because I plateaued and I just wasn't seeing the gains anymore. For right now, stick with creatine, glutamine and lots of high quality protein. Train hard and come back and see us in a year or so.

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    Look at it this way bro. YOU NEED MORE RESEARCH!!!!!!!!! Thats about it. No flame just the truth. Hang around here for a while and you'll learn alot from the bros here.

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